A traumatic event is something that can affect you for the rest of your life. It doesn’t have to be a major event, although for many people, it is. A few examples of traumatic events can include things like:

  • Surviving a horrifying car accident
  • Witnessing the death of a friend during war
  • Undergoing a particularly painful divorce
  • Suffering through constant bullying in school
  • Living through child abuse or neglect
  • Any form of abuse: physical, verbal, sexual, emotional or spiritual

These events can be life-altering, and for most people, the effects that they have last a long time. Without proper trauma therapy, these types of events can lead to serious behavior problems, mental illness, or even drug or alcohol addiction. It’s vital to get trauma treatment in order to begin the healing process.

Trauma Treatment: What if You Don’t Remember?

In some situations, it’s common for people to have trouble remembering traumatic events. For example, for those who were abused as children, they may have blocked out the instances of abuse, but they may exhibit behaviors that indicate that the abuse occurs. Many times our body can hold a memory that our mind does not have access to. Maybe you suspect something happened during your childhood, or at some point in your life, and you want to understand it and heal. Just because you struggle to remember, doesn't mean you can't move through the event.

Trauma Therapy: Getting to the Root of the Problem

So many people are diagnosed with mental illnesses and their issues are never fully addressed. They’re given medications as a way to treat their symptoms, but until the root of the problem is dealt with, the condition will persist, and it can even get worse over time. When you get trauma counseling, your therapist will take the time to figure out what the root problem is. While it might be painful, this is the best way to ensure that you’re able to heal.

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